How to Use Google Chrome Like a Pro

Are you using Internet Explorer? Wow, I sure hope not. But if you’re, take some time now to update your internet browsing experience and skills by installing Google Chrome. Chrome is the quickest and best web browser in the world (in my humble opinion). There are only things you can do using Chrome which you cannot do with any other browser. Within this column, I will concentrate on how best to utilize Google Chrome by minding Chrome shortcuts along with the Google Chrome Webstore.

Leveraging keyboard shortcuts is most likely the number one action you can do to save time with the Internet. Most people seldom utilize Chrome shortcuts. Consider it, each time you reach for the mouse you drop a couple of seconds. Overtime should you include up those seconds over a long time which turns out for a good deal of time? I’m going to get into the fine details of particular shortcuts. Only Google”Chrome shortcuts” and find out them. Print the Chrome shortcuts cheat sheet and hang it on your desk. Learn how to enjoy Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts and I guarantee you will enhance your productivity.

Perhaps you have heard of this Google Chrome Webstore? The Chrome Webstore is essentially a program shop for your internet browser! What’s amazing about Chrome is you could add programs to it to enhance and personalize your web browser. Occasionally these Chrome programs can also be known as extensions. For instance, you may add basic programs like Facebook and YouTube so once you open a new tab (using keyboard shortcuts of course) there’s a Windows-like net browsing interface. Consider these like enormous bookmarks which you can access immediately each time you open a new tab.

More innovative Google Chrome Webstore extensions can be immensely beneficial too. I love SEO for Chrome from This expansion enables me to determine website traffic, the amount of Facebook enjoys, and the number of connections for ANY of my opponents or possible partners. Another fantastic extension is your Google Mail Checker. This expansion permits me to bring a little icon to my own browser that alarms me whenever I receive an email. With one easy click, I will instantly visit my Gmail.

AddThis is a great marketing program on the Chrome Webstore. It permits you to discuss any connection through any network immediately. It’s possible to personalize the extension that with a single click you can share interesting websites or articles. It is possible to discuss links on Facebook, Twitter,, and LinkedIn to list a couple. The list of alternatives and networks that AddThis supports is enormous so look it over and customize it on your own.

The amount of hours that the average man spends online continues to rise at an exponential pace. Everyone regardless of their livelihood should increase their internet browsing skills and comprehension. The excellent thing about the website is that anybody can quickly boost their skills and expertise by simply studying them. I think that the best way to learn is via video and includes a fantastic course on Google Chrome you can have a look at if you want step-by-step instruction and education. Just take a moment out of your hectic day and devote yourself to learning the shortcuts and also minding the programs Google Chrome has to offer you.