Planet Earth Closing In On COVID-19?

When the new breed of this Coronavirus struck China at the end of 2019 and afterward, in early next year, began spreading to other nations at a really quick speed the world barely knew anything about the virus and watched helplessly as COVID-19 generated chaos all about, posing the worst crisis faced by humankind. As the weeks rolled by scientists, researchers, and the medical fraternity the world over combined hands in studying, examining the virus and began coming up with life-threatening repurposed drugs and the development of successful vaccines. Until now, there’s been no proven cure for the virus, however, the repurposed drugs along with also the advancements in healthcare infrastructure have considerably contributed towards reducing the fatality rate, allowing patients to recuperate in increasing amounts and comprising the disease in several worst-affected nations. We’ll discuss here some favorable developments that are pointers into a potential conquest by humankind within the killer virus.

Together with the entire amount of Coronavirus infected individuals of this world crossing 15 million, over 9 million has regained thus registering a healing rate of over 60 percent. In certain countries or areas, the recovery prices have spanned the 70 percent mark. With this fatality rates are coming down all about: a huge majority of the nations have succeeded in maintaining the prices below 5 percent; the worst affected countries, largely in Europe, which demonstrated fatality rates over 10 percent or even 15 percent consumed now more or less controlled the spread of this virus and consequently have neutralized the passing rate; at the USA, the most populous country concerning absolute infections, the marginal fatality rate of over 5 percent has come down today to 3.7percent, although the nation appears to have another wave with substantial quantities of new situations daily; the next nation concerning an overall number of diseases, Brazil, a similar trend is observable, and at the third-worst affected country, India, the fatality rate has come down from more than 3 percent to 2.43% in the second with regained patients touching almost 65%. The only nation to demonstrate a passing rate over a shocking 25 percent is Yemen; nonetheless, at the second new instances aren’t climbing exponentially there. Nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Jamaica, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and Russia amongst others have enrolled very low fatality rates ranging from less than 1 percent to 2%. Most importantly for Earth Earth, the worldwide death rate has become 4.19% that, ideally, could reduce further later on.

Some investigators indicate a gap between the true number of diseases as well as the reported or supported ones where they would like to state the number of deaths reported may be underestimated. In most nations like in the UK and China, in reality, fatality figures were revised upwardly. This issue was politicized in many countries of India with various political resistance alleging under-reporting from the numbers of deaths, and in the majority of the nations, the state government also had revised the amounts upwardly. Anyway, the variable of co-morbidity has also created anomalies in reported deaths. Whatever the case, this hasn’t significantly contributed to a climbing fatality rate in the concerned states or areas.

Factors contributing to some diminishing fatality rate and a growing recovery speed are, as we mentioned previously, as a result of its repurposed life-saving drugs such as Favipiravir, Dexamethasone, Remdesivir, Tocilizumab, etc. and also a most efficient technique known as Plasma Therapy, attempted in India and other nations mostly on acute under-ventilation patients. And after that, the favorable changes on the embryo.

The outcomes of Phase-1 and Phase-2 human trials of a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford are announced, and those are extremely optimistic: the vaccine seems to be secure and it’s shot into more than a million human volunteers exhibits an immune reaction within them. Buoyed by this success the authorities of the United Kingdom have ordered 1 million doses to be generated and provided. Back in India, Covaxin, being developed by Bharat Biotech, has entered human trials with over 300 human volunteers to Phase-1. The Manager of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi, has declared that 100 volunteers to its trials are being organized from AIIMS, Delhi, and the outcomes of Phase-1 and Phase-2 human trials of Covaxin are expected at 3 weeks. This is to say that you will find far more than 100 vaccine candidates worldwide in a variety of phases of development.